Kokanee Lures

Elva Turner
23 min readMar 23, 2024

Welcome to our exciting roundup featured on Kokanee Lures! We’ve curated a collection of the top-rated and most effective lures on the market just for you. From beginners to seasoned anglers, we’ve got you covered with the perfect selection of lures. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to dive into a world of unparalleled fishing success. Let’s get started!

The Top 19 Best Kokanee Lures

  1. Patented Pink Magic Kokanee Lure — Experience the magic of Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug Pink Magic — a patented split-cavity lure that mimics a wounded bait fish for impressive results on Salmon, Kokanee, Lake Trout, Walleye, and more.
  2. Sneaky Pete Glidebait Kokanee Lure for Trophy Hunters — Experience the unmatched versatility and durability of the G-Ratt Baits Sneaky Pete Kokanee Glidebait, perfectly designed to catch large, extra-hungry predators with a premium glide bait construction.
  3. Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug — Patented Split-Cavity Trolling Lure — The Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug trolling lure with patented split-cavity design offers superior bait holding and lifelike wounded bait fish action, making it a must-have for all your fishing adventures.
  4. Deadly Kokanee Lure with EChip and Holographic Tape — The Pro-Troll Kokanee Killer Pink Glow with EChip lure is a game-changer for kokanee fishing, boasting a lifelike appearance, enhanced hook stability, and a powerful electronic attractor for unrivaled success on the water.
  5. Patented Split-Cavity Kokanee Lures for Fishing Trout and Salmon — Revolutionize your fishing experience with Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug — Twin Pack Unrigged, featuring split cavity design, wounded bait fish action, UV paint, and rotating action.
  6. Kokanee Cut Plug Trolling Lure — Scented, Patented Design — Experience unmatched fishing success with Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug, the UV-reflected lure that resembles a wounded bait fish and is perfect for trolling, back bouncing, and casting.
  7. Improved Kokanee Lures with EChip Attractor Technology — Experience unmatched success on the water with the Pro-Troll Kokanee Killer lure, featuring EChip technology, holographic tape, lifelike 3D eyes, and improved hook stability for bigger catches.
  8. Patented Kokanee Trolling Lure for All Fishing Techniques — Catch more with Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug — Silver Bullet, featuring a patented split-cavity design and a wounded bait fish action, perfect for trolling, back bouncing, and casting.
  9. Attractive Kokanee Fishing Hoochies 10-Pack — The KOKOPROS Kokanee Fishing Hoochies — 10 Pack offer vibrant colors and durable design, making them easy-to-use lures perfect for attracting Kokanee fish with 65 assorted beads.
  10. Proven Kokanee Lure with Adjustable Wobble Action — Brad’s Extreme Kokanee Dodger, with tunable speed wobble action, a dimpled, light-reflective surface, and low drag design, is perfect for catch-hungry Kokanee fishermen.
  11. Popular Kokanee Lure for Freshwater Fishing — Experience next-level fishing with the Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug — Red Glow. Its patented split-cavity design allows for a realistic wounded bait fish presentation, perfect for trolling or casting.
  12. Apex Kokanee Special Lures — 1" Length, 2 Red Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks, 10lb Test Leader — Experience the unique tandem hook setup and superior action of the Hot Spot Apex Kokanee Special Lures A1–139-K, perfect for attracting Kokanee in various conditions with its glow bead and Apex rigging.
  13. Kokanee Lure for Small Mouths and Late-Season Fishing — Mack’s Lure Cha Cha 1.5-inch Kokanee Series offers a reliable and versatile lure option for targeting kokanee and trout, featuring a convenient two-hook squidder setup ideal for various fishing conditions and timeframes.
  14. Patented Kokanee Lures for Unrivaled Fishing Performance — Unleash the power of Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug Twin Pack, featuring a patented split-cavity design, wounded bait fish action, UV reflective paint, and rotating action for ultimate fishing success.
  15. Rotating Kokanee Lure with Scent Pad and Extra Bands — Introducing the amazing Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug Unrigged Sugar Mama Two Pack TPKCP-114 — unleash its impressive rotating action and captivating scent, taking your catch to the next level!
  16. Patented Kokanee Cut Plug with Adjustable Bait Holder — Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug — Christine Special offers a unique, patented split-cavity design that attracts various fish species, making it an ideal choice for anglers seeking versatility and effectiveness.
  17. Kokanee Salmon Jet Dodger Blanks — Copper Plated, Customizable Attractors for Fishing — The KOKOPROS Kokanee Salmon Jet Dodger Blanks, with their unique Copper Color Plated design, offer a versatile and easily customizable option for attracting fish, perfect for both experienced anglers and beginners alike.
  18. Kokanee Killer Single Series Pink Lures for Elusive Game Fishing — Catch more Kokanee with the Mack’s Kokanee Killer Single Series, Pink rig — the ultimate weapon for anglers seeking a competitive edge.
  19. Kokanee Cut Plug Unrigged Lures for Scent-Savvy Fishing — Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug, an unrigged two-pack featuring unique split-cavity, scent pad, and rubber bands for impressive wounded bait fish action on your fishing trips.


Patented Pink Magic Kokanee Lure


I recently tried out Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug in the pink magic color, and I must say, it was quite an experience. The unique patented split-cavity design certainly caught my attention from the get-go, and the UV reflective paint added a nice touch to its appearance.

The wounded bait fish action was what truly stood out to me while using this lure. It truly felt like I was reeling in a struggling fish, giving me a better chance at catching those elusive Kokanee. The fact that it comes unrigged with two Scent Pads and four rubber bands was a great bonus, making it both convenient and versatile.

However, there were a couple of downsides I experienced. For one, the line broke on my first attempt with the lure, which was a bit of a letdown. Additionally, the fish seemed to be a bit on the smaller side, which meant it might not be the most effective choice for all target species.

In the end, Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug proved to be a fun and unique addition to my fishing arsenal. While it may not be my go-to choice for every fish, its patented design and wound fish action definitely make it worth trying out.

Sneaky Pete Glidebait Kokanee Lure for Trophy Hunters


The Sneaky Pete Kokanee has truly become a staple in my fishing gear, as it offers an impressive range of features perfect for catching large, hungry predators. One of the highlights for me was the highly individualized gliding action — it really does feel like each bait has its own personality! With its versatile, detailed design, I’ve had some fantastic catches using this bait. The weighting system is also fantastic, providing a subtle knocking sound that attracts fish from far distances.

While the Sneaky Pete Kokanee does have an impressive range of features, there are a couple of things that could be improved. Firstly, the packaging information incorrectly lists the length as 5.25 inches, which I found to be quite misleading. Other than that, the durability of the bait is commendable; it’s built to withstand large fish with no issues. The custom-molded soft rubber tail also adds a premium touch, and it’s great to see a brand focusing on quality. Overall, the Sneaky Pete Kokanee has proven to be a fantastic tool in my fishing arsenal, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others looking for a reliable, high-quality bait.

Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug — Patented Split-Cavity Trolling Lure


Whenever I go fishing, I always bring along my trusted Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plugs, also known as “Babooms” in the angling community. These innovative lures feature a patented split-cavity design that allows me to securely hold my bait fish, imparting a wounded appearance that’s irresistible to hungry fish.

The lure’s UV reflective paint really catches the attention of my target species, the tuna, as it’s highly visible underwater. Each pack comes with two unrigged lures, two scent pads, and four rubber bands — a thoughtful inclusion that simplifies setting up the lure.

While the Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plugs perform excellently underwater via trolling, back bouncing, and casting, their versatility does extend beyond these methods. But, on the downside, they come unrigged and need extra accessories, such as the original Brad’s Super Bait series, scents, leaders, and additional rubber bands to use them to their fullest potential.

Deadly Kokanee Lure with EChip and Holographic Tape


I recently tried out the Pro-Troll Kokanee Killer Pink Glow lure while fishing for kokanee on the lake, and I must say, it was quite the experience! Right out of the box, I noticed the lure’s bright and colorful appearance, thanks to its new holographic tape and eye design. The lure felt sturdy, with its flex spacer beads and dual tandem red hooks providing great action and stability.

One of the highlights of using this lure was the ease of rigging it with my 36-inch 10-lb. leader and 25-lb. test bead chain swivel, ensuring a secure and smooth attachment. Casting the lure on the water, I could see the EChip electronic attractor at work, mimicking the electrical nerve discharge of live bait and enticing nearby predators towards it.

I managed to catch a couple of kokanee within the first few minutes of fishing, which was quite impressive! The lure’s lifelike appearance and its unique design made it a standout among other lures I’ve used in the past. Overall, I had a great experience using the Pro-Troll Kokanee Killer, and I would definitely recommend it to other anglers looking to catch kokanee or other similar fish species.

One minor downside I encountered was that the lure did require me to make some tuning adjustments to ensure it trailed properly behind my boat. However, I’m confident that with a bit of practice and patience, this lure could become a game-changer for kokanee fishing. So, if you’re a serious lake troller, give this lure a try — it might just be the key to your next big catch!

Patented Split-Cavity Kokanee Lures for Fishing Trout and Salmon


Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug has been my go-to lure for those sunny, crystal-clear days on the lake. The twin pack unrigged lures come with a scent pad and rubber bands, making it super convenient to set up. The split-cavity patented design is not only eye-catching, but it also promotes the wounded bait fish action, which is particularly appealing to bigger and more elusive fishes.

The UV reflective paint is a bonus that helps to make the lure more visible even under water. However, I found that the rotating action can sometimes be too aggressive, which might scare the fish away. Overall, Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug is a reliable and versatile product that I’d definitely recommend to any avid angler.

Kokanee Cut Plug Trolling Lure — Scented, Patented Design


I’ve been fishing with the Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug Hot Tamale for a few days now, and I must say, it has been a game-changer. The patented split-cavity design allows me to easily open it up and insert my bait and scent pad, making it a breeze to get my lure ready for the water.

One of the best features is the rubber band that keeps everything secure, so I don’t have to worry about losing my bait in the midst of a thrilling catch. The UV reflective paint is a nice touch too, as it helps the lure stand out in the water and attract fish from afar.

However, there’s one downside to the Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug Hot Tamale — it’s not made just for Kokanee fishing. I’ve noticed that it works well for other species as well. But since it’s designed for Kokanee, it might not be the best choice for a wider range of freshwater fishing experiences.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the performance of the Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug Hot Tamale. Its ease of use and the impressive results it’s provided have made it a valuable addition to my fishing gear.

Improved Kokanee Lures with EChip Attractor Technology


I recently had the chance to try out the Pro-Troll Kokanee Killer, and let me tell you, it’s quite a catch! The first thing that stood out to me was the EChip electronic attractor, which mimics the electrical nerve discharge of live bait, drawing nearby predators in. The holographic tape and colored eyes give the lure a lifelike look, which I appreciate. The added flex spacer beads also ensure more lure action and improved hook stability.

However, there were a few downsides I encountered. Firstly, the price seems a bit steep for what it offers. Additionally, there seems to be a bit of adjustment required to get the lure trailing properly in the water. But once you get it right, it’s a hard one to beat for mid-day landlocked salmon.

Overall, I’d say the Pro-Troll Kokanee Killer is a dependable catcher that many serious lake trollers would benefit from having in their boat. Its ability to attract and catch a variety of fish makes it a great addition to any angler’s arsenal. While it may not be perfect, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment for those looking to enhance their fishing experience.

Patented Kokanee Trolling Lure for All Fishing Techniques


The Silver Bullet Kokanee Cut Plug by Brad’s is a versatile fishing lure that gives any angler a competitive edge. Using it felt like adding some extra oomph to my fishing game. It’s designed to closely mimic the wounded bait fish, a feature that not only adds a realistic touch but enhances the lure’s visual appeal. I also dug the UV reflective paint job on it. It’s like fishing meets fashion in the best way possible. I found the patented split-cavity design to be a game-changer, allowing me to hold my bait securely.

However, there were a few minor downsides. I’d have appreciated a detailed manual with tips and tricks for first-time users. Additionally, while it’s marketed for tuna, it might not be the most effective in all conditions and for all types of fish. Nonetheless, the pros of using the lure definitely outway the cons. It’s a reliable tool that adds a unique touch to my fishing trips.

Attractive Kokanee Fishing Hoochies 10-Pack


I recently got my hands on the KOKOPROS Kokanee Fishing Hoochies — a set of 10 delightful little treasures, perfect for my weekend fishing trips. The bright, vibrant colors of these hoochies are honestly hard to overlook, I’ve come to appreciate how they easily draw the attention of fish.

Not only are they visually appealing but also durable. I’ve found they withstand long fishing sessions with a surprisingly robust construction. Their build quality is impressive, making them a reliable tool in my arsenal.

What also stood out was how easy they were to use! Fishing is a game of patience and the last thing I want is something complicated or clunky on my line. KOKOPROS Kokanee Fishing Hoochies were a breath of fresh air in this regard.

They even came with 65 x Assorted 4, 5, & 6 mm Premium Beads, adding an extra layer of customization to my fishing routine. Each bead was meticulously crafted, ensuring a nice blend of color and shine.

However, there wasn’t much to complain about with KOKOPROS Kokanee Fishing Hoochies. I’d wished for a wider range of bead colors or perhaps a few more hoochies in the set, but those minor quibbles did not alter my overall satisfaction.

In conclusion, whether you’re a novice fisherman or a pro, the KOKOPROS Kokanee Fishing Hoochies make a fantastic addition to your gear. Their vibrant colors, durable build, and ease of use definitely make a strong case for why you should consider incorporating these into your next fishing trip.

Proven Kokanee Lure with Adjustable Wobble Action


I’ve been using Brad’s Extreme Kokanee Dodger in my fishing adventures and it’s truly a standout. The wobble action is unlike any other lure I’ve used, and I’m convinced it’s what sets it apart.

The dimpled light reflective surface really captures the sunlight, making the lure more visible to fish even in murky waters. I also appreciate the ability to adjust the trolling speed for the perfect presentation.

The low drag design prevents the lure from snagging on debris, making it more versatile. However, it might be a bit tricky for beginners to master the fishing technique it’s designed for. Overall, it’s a solid choice for experienced anglers looking for an edge.

Popular Kokanee Lure for Freshwater Fishing


I had the chance to fish with the Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug in red glow recently and I must say, it was quite an experience. The split-cavity patented design really made holding my bait a breeze, with a rotating action that left the fish wanting more. I loved how adjustable the action settings were — from tight to wide roll, there was definitely something for everyone.

However, one thing that could have been included for a more hassle-free experience would be any rigging equipment like line, hooks or swivels. But, overall, the red glow was a game-changer and the 2" length gave it a unique touch in the water. I highly recommend trying these lures for a great trolling, back bouncing, or casting experience — especially for those targeting salmon and trout.

Apex Kokanee Special Lures — 1" Length, 2 Red Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks, 10lb Test Leader


I’ve been a fan of the Apex Kokanee Special Lures for quite some time now, and I can confidently say they’re worth the investment. The unique tandem hook setup ensures that the Kokanee stays hooked, allowing the blade to slide up to the leader with ease. The glow bead adds an attractor in low light conditions or deeper waters, while the lure’s vibrations draw fish from great distances.

In my experience, these lures are incredibly durable, with the snelled hooks being easy to retie if needed. Although I’ve broken some by stepping on them or flopping fish on deck, the lures have held up well. The lures come in various sizes, and I’ve had the most success with the largest size, but a few 4" sizes have also worked well.

I’ve had great luck using these lures on Lake Superior, catching Steelhead, Coho Salmon, and the occasional lake trout. They’re especially effective in shallow water at river mouths along the shoreline. Despite their success, I still need to use a barrel swivel between the leader and fishing line to prevent line twist.

Overall, the Apex Kokanee Special Lures are a fantastic addition to any angler’s collection, and I highly recommend giving them a try.

Kokanee Lure for Small Mouths and Late-Season Fishing


I’ve been fishing with the Cha Cha 1.5 inch Kokanee Lure for a while now, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for catching smallmouth fish like kokanee and trout. This clever setup features two hooks without a gap in between, allowing for a more effective and natural bite. It’s perfect for using early or late in the season, when these smallmouth fish are most active.

However, I’ve also heard from fellow anglers that the product description can be a bit misleading. In my experience, it delivered accurate information, but I understand how the price may seem a bit steep for only one lure. Nonetheless, once you try this lure, I promise it’ll be worth every penny.

Patented Kokanee Lures for Unrivaled Fishing Performance


I’ve been using Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug lately, and I must say it’s been a game-changer in my fishing escapades. The split-cavity patented design allows for a more natural and wounded bait fish action, which the fish can’t resist.

The UV reflective paint makes it super visible underwater, catching the attention of even the most elusive fish. The lure’s rotating action adds an extra element of movement that entices the fish to strike. However, I do wish the scent pad was more long-lasting, but with a quick replacement, it’s a minor inconvenience.

Overall, it’s a must-have for any serious angler looking to up their catch game.

Rotating Kokanee Lure with Scent Pad and Extra Bands


I recently tried out Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug Unrigged Sugar Mama Two Pack, and let me tell you, it’s quite the catch! The lure’s incredible rotating action made it irresistible to my target fish — be it trout, salmon, or walleye. I was especially impressed by the versatility of how it could be trolled, casted, plunked, or back bounced. To give you a little taste of what it was like, I had one hooked on a trout when it suddenly made a big splash, fighting its way to freedom. That was some real excitement!

One feature in particular that stood out for me was the split-cavity Patented design, which adds an extra level of appeal to the lure. And not just that, but the action settings were a game-changer, allowing me to adjust the rotating action for either a tight or wide roll, which I found really useful.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some challenges too. Like the time when I had to switch from a double to a treble siwash, and it took me a while to figure out how to do it. But hey, with every catch, you get a little wiser, right?

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a lure that’s sure to catch you the big one, Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug Unrigged Sugar Mama Two Pack is definitely worth checking out. Be prepared for a thrilling adventure, but remember to keep your cool, or you may find yourself empty-handed!

Patented Kokanee Cut Plug with Adjustable Bait Holder


Being an avid fisherman, I was intrigued by the Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug. Its patented split-cavity design is a unique feature that sets it apart from other plugs on the market. The wounded baitfish action it creates is a game-changer, attracting fish with its natural movements. The UV reflective paint is a great touch, making it highly visible underwater.

One thing I really appreciated is the additional scent pads, rubber bands, leaders, and the option to pair it with the original Brad’s Super Bait series. However, it would be great if all these accessories came included instead of sold separately. Overall, the Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug is a versatile and effective tool for any angler looking to enhance their fishing experience.

Kokanee Salmon Jet Dodger Blanks — Copper Plated, Customizable Attractors for Fishing


Using these KOKOPROS Kokanee Salmon Jet Dodger Blanks was an experience that got me excited and eager to hit the water. Imagine, with just a few small tweaks, I managed to catch a couple of fish! .

I’d not tried anything like it before. Sure, they’re not exactly budget-friendly, but the quality is undeniable. It was easy to use, the copper color did look fantastic as it gleamed in the sunlight.

Plus, I could tell it attracted plenty of fish! . Overall, a solid addition to anyone’s fishing gear.

Kokanee Killer Single Series Pink Lures for Elusive Game Fishing


Fishing for Kokanee can be a thrilling experience, yet it often feels like you’re playing a waiting game. The Mack’s Kokanee Killer Single Series Rig, however, changes the game entirely.

This rig is packed with features that elevate your fishing game. The size and blade of the lures are strategically designed to attract Kokanee’s attention, and the colorful pink hue makes them even more irresistible. The sturdy leader length and leader test ensure that your lures stay in place and protected from the rough seas or snagging rocks.

What sets the Mack’s Kokanee Killer apart in my experience is its effectiveness. I’ve spent countless hours on the water, and finally, with the help of this rig, I’ve landed a few Kokanee. The hook size and blade size are just right, making it easier to catch these elusive creatures.

Kokanee Cut Plug Unrigged Lures for Scent-Savvy Fishing


As a fishing enthusiast, I recently stumbled upon Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plug two-pack. It’s a versatile and practical addition to my arsenal. With its split-cavity design, these lures offer an authentic, wounded bait-fish action that attracts even the most discerning fish.

I particularly appreciate the user-friendly scent pad and rubber bands, as they make it convenient and easy to use on my fishing expeditions. Of course, like any product, there’s always room for improvement.

There might be instances of the lures not holding up as well as I’d like, and sometimes I wish they came in a wider range of colors. All in all, the Kokanee Cut Plug is a solid choice for fellow fishing aficionados looking for a reliable and effective lure.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide for Kokanee Lures! In this section, we will be discussing essential features, considerations, and general advice for selecting the perfect Kokanee lure for your fishing adventures. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, our guide will help you make an informed decision and improve your chances of catching Kokanee Salmon.


Types of Kokanee Lures

There are several types of lures specifically designed for Kokanee Salmon, including: Hoochies, Flatfish, Beaded Flatfish, Needlefish, and Trolling Lures. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to understand which type suits your fishing style best. For more information on each lure type, check out our detailed reviews in the main article.

Color and Pattern Selection

Kokanee Salmon have a keen sense of sight and are attracted to bright colors and sharp patterns. Some popular color combinations for Kokanee Lures include pink, orange, and chartreuse. However, successful anglers also recommend experimenting with different colors and patterns based on the water clarity, depth, and seasonal changes. It is always a good idea to have a variety of lure colors in your tackle box to increase your chances of success. Check out the lure reviews in the main article for specific color options.


Size and Weight

The size and weight of a Kokanee Lure have a significant impact on its performance and how it’s perceived by the fish. Generally, smaller and lighter lures are better for clear water and slower trolling speeds, while larger and heavier lures work well in murky water and faster boat speeds. It is crucial to match the lure size and weight to the conditions of your fishing location. For more information on lure sizes and weights, consult our lure reviews in the main article.

Accessories and Rigging

Some Kokanee Lures come with additional features like a bead, a hook, or a weight. These accessories can help enhance the lure’s performance by providing extra flash, increased weight, or a more secure attachment. Familiarize yourself with the available rigging options and consider factors such as water depth, rod length, and trolling speed when selecting the right accessories for your lures. Check out our lure reviews in the main article for more details on accessory options and rigging techniques.



What are Kokanee lures?

Kokanee lures are a type of fishing lure designed to catch Kokanee salmon, a landlocked version of the Chinook salmon. These lures are typically brightly colored and feature distinctive patterns that mimic the natural behavior of the fish they’re designed to catch. They come in various shapes and sizes, making them suitable for different fishing techniques and conditions.

Kokanee lures are popular among anglers who target these fish in lakes and reservoirs throughout North America, especially in the western United States and Canada, where Kokanee salmon are more abundant. These lures are considered effective due to their vibrant colors and action that appeal to the instincts of Kokanee salmon, helping increase the chances of a successful catch.


What makes Kokanee lures different from other lures?

Kokanee lures differ from other lures in several ways, primarily in their design and color. Kokanee salmon are known for their vibrant coloration, which is primarily red or pink with some silver or white on their underside. Kokanee lures often mimic this coloration and pattern, allowing them to more effectively attract Kokanee salmon.

Additionally, Kokanee lures are designed to sink quickly and maintain a near-horizontal presentation in the water. This is due to their distinct shape and weight, which allows them to dive deep and stay close to the bottom where Kokanee salmon are often found. This unique characteristic separates them from other lures that may not perform as well in these conditions.

What are some popular types of Kokanee lures?

There are several popular types of Kokanee lures on the market, each with its own unique design and action. Some of the most popular include the Kokanee Wonder, the Kokee, and the Buzz Bomb. These lures are typically characterized by their bright colors, streamlined shape, and ability to sink quickly.

Other popular Kokanee lures include the Slab Slayer, the Hot Spot, and the Shaky Grub. Each of these lures has its own distinct action and coloration that make it effective for catching Kokanee salmon in various conditions. Anglers often experiment with different lures to determine which one works best for their specific fishing scenario.


Can I use Kokanee lures for other types of fish?

While Kokanee lures are primarily designed for catching Kokanee salmon, they can also be used for other types of fish. However, their effectiveness may vary, depending on the species of fish and the conditions being fished. Some anglers have reported success using Kokanee lures for catching trout, rainbow trout, and even smallmouth bass.

It is essential to consider the size, color, and action of the lure when using it for a different species of fish. Additionally, adjusting the fishing technique, such as the depth at which the lure is fished or the speed at which it’s retrieved, may be necessary to maximize its effectiveness for different fish. Experimentation is key to determining the best way to use Kokanee lures for various species.

Where can I buy Kokanee lures?

Kokanee lures can be purchased from a variety of sources, including sporting goods stores, fishing tackle shops, and online retailers. Look for stores or websites that specialize in fishing gear, as they are more likely to carry a wide selection of Kokanee lures. It’s also helpful to read reviews and ask for recommendations from fellow anglers to determine which lures are most effective for catching Kokanee salmon.

Additionally, consider attending fishing expos or workshops, where you can speak directly with experts and manufacturers about their Kokanee lure offerings. These events often provide the opportunity to learn more about the products and purchase them directly from the source. Finally, don’t forget to check local tackle shops and fishing clubs in your area, as they may have Kokanee lures available for purchase or lend.

How do I properly rig a Kokanee lure?

To properly rig a Kokanee lure, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right line and leader material for the type of lure you’re using. Kokanee lures typically require a sturdy, thin-diameter line and a strong, shock-absorbent leader. 2. Attach the leader to the line, using a swivel or a snap to prevent line twist. 3. Thread the lure onto the leader, making sure it is positioned correctly for the fishing technique you’re using. 4. Once the lure is in place, secure it to the leader using a crimp or a bead that matches the size and type of the lure. This will help prevent the lure from slipping off the leader while you’re fishing.

Ensure that the knots you use are strong and secure, as Kokanee lures are often fished in heavy cover and strong currents. Practice proper rigging techniques to ensure that your lures are properly prepared for a successful day on the water. It’s also a good idea to check your rigging before each trip to ensure that everything is in working order.